Jenaro Yasit Terrazas II

Jenaro Yasit Terrazas (Born May 2, 1995) is an entrepreneur, public figure and fashion designer. Best known for his clothing line and his activist actions in his hometown of West Chicago, IL.

Royal Yasit

Exclusive Yasit Clothing, founded July 1st, 2013. The official clothing line of Jenaro Yasit Terrazas II. Which he named after his middle name. The brand is new to many, but it is rapidly emerging from outside of his hometown West Chicago, IL. 


Exclusive Society 

Young adults with a vision in life rocking Yasit. We are a society for those who dream and want to prosper in life. 

Join in by sending us an email at ( Yasitexclusiveclothing@gmail.com ) . Send us the best picture of you wearing Yasit Exclusive Clothing. The best pictures will be posted here. Thanks for supporting the movement, spread the word around social media. #StayExclusive