Our mission is to create a clothing line that is just more than just that.  We want to implement an idea to teens that every dream is possible, they just have to be hungry for ambition and create a vision for their future that brings success. So then I came up with an organization within the clothing line named  "The Exclusive Society" which is teens that contacted us and wanted to be promoted and helped out finding a vision or generate new ideas to achieve their goals.  I also started this to help out my community because I feel the youth especially teens need help finding success because many aren't guided correctly or blinded to see what they can really achieve.  My plan is to keep expanding our message to teens in other areas and help them out by promoting them on my "Exclusive Society" and I can get them help or motivation if they needed. We are also in growth so there could be other teens in our Society that can even help them out and they can start networking.  I want others to achieve their dreams because everyone should be allowed to dream and have goals.  I want people to do what they love and sometimes it just takes motivation or promotion to get serious on an idea you wish to accomplish.  I want to be a role model for my city on the first one to create something and following through on their goals and actually making it so I can share my story with other teens wishing to do the same and realizing nothing is impossible, it just takes hard work and dedication but most importantly to have a vision towards the future and the success that awaits for you at the end. 

Posted on December 8, 2014 .